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Get Zen is on a mission to improve the quality of life for patients by manufacturing the highest quality of medicinal cannabis capsules and other medicinal cannabis products. Our goal is to bring honesty, integrity and accountability to the cannabis market and change the way cannabis is perceived by the medical community and the general public.

We are a company founded on the belief that humans and cannabis have a symbiotic relationship. This synergy between humans and cannabis is demonstrated in many examples, most obvious is the Endocannabinoid System. It has been found to be the most widespread receptor system in the human body, explaining why cannabis has so many different effects. Another prime example is drug testing, cannabis users have stopped consuming the plant yet they can still test positive for THC 30 days after stopping consumption. It shows that the human body is storing cannabinoids for use for many different purposes in our physiology.

We focus on the cannabinoid ratios rather than the terpene profile or trying to stay strain specific. Based on our work with hundreds of patients we have discovered that cannabinoid ratio is much more telling of the patient response and experience to cannabis compared to strain specific. This is specifically for edibles. For inhalation products indica or sativa strains play a major role in patient response because the terpenes and flavonoids are a major factor with vastly different effects, whereas when you swallow a capsule or eat an edible the patient response is minimal. Based on the patients tolerance to THC many of our medicinal cannabis products can be used anytime day or night instead of smoking sativa for daytime and indica for nighttime.

Get Zen medicinal cannabis capsules take a clinical healthcare approach to understand symptoms and treat the pain and other ailments utilizing medicinal cannabis in conjunction with traditional healthcare practices. Our Team has the knowledge and experience to help guide and educate patients and their families about the products and the effects. Unlike most of the companies in the cannabis space, we are an organization of individuals with healthcare backgrounds and experience. Truly a differentiating factor that we believe will help us relate and gain the trust of physicians to recommend and prescribe the Get Zen product lines and help manage their patient population. We will offer dosing instruction and product guidance.