10MG THC per capsule

Relax 10 Capsules

Relax 10 is a great introduction to cannabis for first time users and intermediate cannabis users. It has the euphoric feeling similar to “Two glasses of wine” so it’s a great option for only after work consumer that does not already have a high tolerance to THC or the infrequent user. It can be used anytime, but has provided many patients the best sleep of their lives. This low dose is specifically designed to be highly controllable and easily adjustable. We believe taking a Relax 10 capsule in the evening everyday leads to a higher quality of life and can see the day when most Americans take this capsule every night.

For the medicinal user, the Relax 10 is predominantly acidic cannabinoids which have much more of a medicinal quality and effect and also allow for a higher dose of cannabis with mild euphoria. We call this a “Raw” product because it has not been heated (decarboxolated) converting the mildly psychoactive acidic form THCA into the highly psychoactive THC D9. This ratio is approximately a 3:2 ratio of THCA:THC which is mildly psychoactive and tends to be more of a body high then an overwhelming head high that leads to the negative effect of THC like anxiety and paranoia. While still Euphoric, this product is intended to be very mild and tolerable compared to the fully decarbolated or activated THC D9.

Acidic cannabinoids have different properties than their decarboxylated counterparts, but both types possess medicinal properties. There are at least 85 known cannabinoids in cannabis. The two most widely studied have been THC and CBD. THC is psychoactive and has many medicinal qualities, below are several we find to be most helpful:

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