11MG THC : 11MG CBD per capsule

Serenity 11:11 Cannabis Oil Capsules

Serenity 11:11 is commonly referred to as the balanced ratio. This product is the panacea or cure-all because it has the benefits of both CBD and THC. While the cannabis oil produces a mild Euphoric feeling, this product is intended to be very mild and tolerable the CBD reduces the high that comes with THC but still provides a medicated feeling reducing pain and many other ailments. This sensation is important for patients that have been on opiates, because you have to replace the pharmaceutical medicated feeling. If you don’t replace the buzz they are getting from the opiates with something patients are never satisfied.
Serenity 11:11 has been a great seller and the most popular for pain relief. The 1:1 ratio of CBD:THC cannabis oil has been the catch all for high CBD relief. This is also the same ratio the GW Pharma uses in their product Sativex which has been approved by 24 European countries and Canada for the spasticity associated with MS.
Get Zen uses ethanol extracted cannabis oil for the THC component of Serenity 11:11. The main reason is that ethanol pulls the most complete cannabinoid spectrum and terpene profile, creating a full spectrum cannabis oil that possess the true essence of the cannabis plant. Most of the Full spectrum oil used is around 65% THC potency, the other 35% is where Get Zen has a major competitive advantage over other cannabis oil products. THC and CBD are the major active ingredients of cannabis and are what most dosing is based on, but all the other compounds in the oil are important and contribute to the power of the cannabis plant based medicine.

There are at least 85 known cannabinoids in cannabis. The two most widely studied have been THC and CBD. THC is psychoactive and has many medicinal qualities, below are several we find to be most helpful:

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